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Riverview CofE Primary & Nursery School

Riverview exists to love, challenge and inspire adults and children within a Christian community


The Governing Body of Riverview C of E  Primary School & Nursery  2019-20

The key roles of the governing body are:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction

  • Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff

  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

    In order to carry out our role efficiently and effectively, the detailed work of the governing body is undertaken by four committees and an Advisory Board for the Children’s Centre.  In addition to attending full governors’ meetings, all governors sit on at least one of these committees which report back to termly meetings of the full governing body, at which broader issues are also discussed and agreed.

    Curriculum committee

    Considers and makes recommendations about all issues associated with the successful organisation of the curriculum, including teaching and learning, monitoring and assessing pupil progress, reporting to parents and examination results.

    Personnel committee

    Considers annual review of pay policy, recruitment, other personnel issues and safeguarding arrangements.

    Premises & Finance committee

    Considers and makes recommendations about all budgetary issues for the school and Children’s Centre including setting & monitoring the budget.  Also responsible for overseeing the school ‘Governors' Fund’.  Oversees buildings and

    Community Links committee

    Develops links between the school, parents/carers and the wider community, including our church, our neighbours and statutory authorities.  The committee also manages development of the Children’s Centre and extended services to the community.

    Children’s Centre Advisory Board

    The purpose of the Advisory Board is to work with partners to help and advise those responsible for running the Children’s Centre, ensure that the Centre is clear about the views of parents, and play an active role in driving improvement.

    How to contact us:  If you have any feedback you would like to give the governing body or have any questions regarding the strategic direction of the school please contact the Chair or Vice Chair of Governors via email: or by telephone 020 8337 1245.

    Our School governors are:


Date of appointment 

(all four year terms except Headteacher)

Governor Status



Special Responsibilities

Mercy Atkins

1st Sept 2013

Head Teacher - Governor ex officio


Premises & Finance


Community Links

Children’s Centre Advisory Board

Head Teacher

Emergency Contact

Key Holder

Elaine Letchford

1st Sept 2018

Foundation Governor

Chair of Governors



Premises & Finance

Children Centre Advisory Board

Emergency Contact

Confederation Epsom & Ewell Partnership Representative

Academy Governor

Key Holder

Vivienne Aitchison

6th Oct 2017

Foundation Governor

Chair of the Personnel Committee


Pay Committee

Special Needs

Looked After (LAC)


David Senneck

3rd May 2017

Foundation Governor

Premises & Finance


Valerie Bradfield 10th Jul 2017



Community Links



Philip Cairns

4th Jun 2018

LEA Governor

Chair of the Curriculum Committee

Community Links

Pay Committee


Jo Sander

27th Sept 2018

Staff Governor


Premises & Finance

Link /Training Governor

School Business Manager

Doug Marshall 24th Jan 2019 Parent Governor TBA


Niral Purohit 2nd July 2019 Parent Governor TBA  
Richard Watson 22nd July 2019 Foundation Governor TBA  
Tracey Robbins 7th March 2016 Associate Member

Children’s Centre Advisory Board

Community Links (Voting rights)

Children’s Centre Manager





Foundation Governor    
Geoff Bowyer Resigned 23rd July 2019 Foundation Governor    
Sheila Lemon Resigned 23rd July 2019 Foundation Governor    
Nick Barber Resigned 17th June 2019 Parent Governor    

Foundation Governors are appointed by the Diocesan Board of Education (3) and the Parochial Church Council of the Parish of St. Francis of Assisi, Ewell (3).  One additional Foundation Governor is ex-officio.

Parent Governors are elected by other parents at the school

The Staff Governor is elected by other members of staff at the school.

The Local Authority Governor is nominated by the local authority,  appointed by the Governing Body.

The Head Teacher is a Governor ex-officio

Associate Members do not have voting rights on the full governing body, but may vote in committees.

Additional Information.

The Deputy Head, Karen Fox, also sits on the Curriculum Committee and is invited to all Governing Body meetings.  The Head Teacher is an ex-officio member of the Personnel, Premises & Finance, Curriculum and Community Links Committees.

Our meeting dates

The 2019-20 Governing Body meetings will be held on the following dates:

Monday 23rd September 2019 5pm (Setting Committees)

Monday 18th November 2019 5pm (Autumn FGB)

Monday 27th January 2020 5pm (Spring FGB)

Monday 11th May 2020 5pm (Summer FGB)

  • All meetings start at 5.00pm in the school.  Anyone wishing to attend must give two weeks notice to the school office (

Register of Interests

From 1 September 2015 governing bodies will be under a duty to publish on the website their register of interests.