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Riverview CofE Primary & Nursery School

Riverview exists to love, challenge and inspire adults and children within a Christian community

Grosvenor Hall 2016 Photos & Blog


(Please note not all children will appear in photographs every day but we will try to ensure that all children that have permission are in a photograph by the end of the week)


Once we had got off of the two hour bus ride, we had a fully informative tour around Grosvenor Hall, the cafeteria too. Then we went to our rooms.  Though the bedrooms were small, they were really cosy. We had to unpack and make our own beds (it was quite hard getting the duvet cover on).

Later we took part in our first activity.  It was inside wall climbing, which was tricky and nervy, especially if you are afraid of heights.  Whenever we got stuck, we would just fall off and, well, float.  We did wear a harness for safety.

After the tiring climb, we had some relaxing room time, then a tasty supper that included garlic bread and doughnuts.  Soon after we had an inside mini Olympics, doing things like: space hopping relay (nearly every one fell off when they were hopping) and roundabouts and bridges.

Feeling extremely tired, we went into the cafeteria, and had some refreshing cocoa before returning to our rooms and getting ready for bed.

Written by Toby, Raiyaan, Jacob and Callum


Today we woke up to a (VERY) early start when a teacher (not ours by the way) began hammering on the doors of the children in the other school, and shouting “Wake up!!!!” Although this was annoying, we could all talk to each other in the corridors, and had more room time. After having had the most amazing yoghurt and delicious sausages for breakfast, we set out for what would be a fun packed day.

The first thing we did was High Equilibrium, which was like a wobbly see-saw high in the sky.  Keira and Olivia were the only pair in their group to get to the very top together. Madison was on the verge of tears, but persevered and got there too. Next we had problem solving, which was a lot harder than we thought it would be.  We had to work together to make a bridge of tyres over shark infested custard, a walkway of planks for a greedy gorilla and an escape route off our sinking ship (DON’T WORRY – THIS WAS NOT REAL!).

Later on we came across another obstacle …Jacob ’s Ladder. This was a giant ladder which required team work to climb. A Riverview record was set by Jacob and Freddie who reached the top as fast as lightning with excellent partner co-ordination. Toby also reached the top – without Callum who insisted he went on without him like a dramatic scene from an action movie.

Even more team work was needed in the afternoon. All twelve of us had to hold hands and slide through a claustrophobic swarm of shiny black tyres without letting go. We don’t know how we made it through!

Tomorrow, the 3G swing awaits us – wish us luck!

Olivia, Keira, Sienna, Tasnim and Madison


Finally it was the day for the leap of faith; some of the boys were excited but others were nervous. We started with breakfast with pancakes, maple syrup with eggs. We sat round the table in silent ecstasy as the breakfast was that good; we couldn’t stop eating! To top it off we had yoghurt.

After breakfast we went straight to the playground to prepare for our activities: leap of faith, bush craft, team tech, nightline, abseiling. For abseiling, we had lean backwards and literally walk down a wall – with a harness of course! For some it meant conquering their fear of heights – most tried and overcame this.

Bush craft was an activity where we had to create a fire. We found out how important preparation was as some of us started a fire and didn’t have enough sticks to keep it going. To start with you needed to the flint and steel and create a spark. Excited, we struck the flint and the lightning bright sparks zoomed onto the cotton wool and flames crackled and engulfed it.

Jack and Freddie were the first of many on their teams to conquer the nerve wracking leap of faith.  Once you had your harness put on, tightened and checked, you had to climb up a tree like pole using metal poles and wooden steps. The higher you got, the more wobbly it became. Once you got onto the platform, the bar you needed to grab onto looked closer than it did from the bottom.  

After our dinner we had a group campfire; unexpectedly the embers of the raging fire blew towards us. As we watched these blow around us, we cautiously tried to dodge and continued to sing and dance to the chants/songs. We particularly loved the banana song, head and shoulders song and the get loose song. It was great fun. We can’t wait to get up tomorrow to take part in fencing, bottle rockets, 3G swing and aeroball.

Jack, Ben, Regan Mo, Scott, Regan Mi , Freddie



This morning was an early start; most children woke up at 7am. Soon after we had got dressed, we met on the landing and went to breakfast. We had croissants and pain au chocolate which were delicious and flaky.

Our first activity was the best as we had the 3G swing. Once we had put our harness on, we had to sit in our harness and hold to a metal pole. Then we had to get pulled up on a swing by the rest of our group.  When we got to the top (or wherever we wanted to fall from) one of us had to pull a cord which let you down; it was a sudden drop! The first drop was the scariest and many of us screamed but it was so much fun! Amazingly nearly everyone went to the very top of the swing – the red flag.

Next we had the aerial runway which was a long zip wire. It was so fun! We had a harness and rope which got attached to the zip wire. You then need to let go and you travelled down the wire to the bottom. Many people landed on their bottoms or ran to the end of the wire. It was really funny as Raiyaan did a roly poly on his second go.

Aeroball was an activity where there were 4 trampolines and 2 teams of two (each person on their own trampoline) had to throw the aeroball into a net to score points. If it went into the net and bounced, you got 1 point. If it went in and down to the bottom, you got 2 points. If it went in and hit someone on the head, you get 3 points. Bouncing on the trampoline was the best part!

In the evening we made bottle rockets which were plastic bottles filled with water. You had to choose how much water to put in, then attach a ‘rocket’ to it and pump air into it to make it fly. It was great as some of them went really far; the furthest was 49. The less water you had and if you aimed at an obtuse angle it made it go further.  We’re really excited to come home and see our families tomorrow although we will really miss the activities, especially the 3G swing, and sleeping in rooms with our friends.

Devika, Rebecca, Jasmine, Shannon, Megan