The Riverview curriculum has been carefully designed to ensure all our children receive an inspirational and challenging curriculum that stimulates curiosity, love and aspiration for every child.  It equips them for the next stages of their education and in keeping with Jesus’ promise of ‘life in all its’ fullness’.  To raise aspiration and irradiate misconceptions, key skills for life are taught to develop an understanding of the world in which we live.  Children’s learning across the curriculum is enhanced with meaningful experiences, including entry and exit points for all topics, opportunities for child initiated topics within our curriculum cycle alongside significant educational visits which bring the curriculum to life. Every moment counts, therefore some subjects are taught discretely to ensure knowledge, skills and understanding in individual subjects are developed successfully. Our Christian ethos means that a strong commitment to children’s social, moral, spiritual and cultural learning runs through both the taught and wider curriculum. We have a relentless drive to develop children’s spoken and written communication, reading and mathematical skills.  All this informs how we teach across the curriculum; we believe children need as many meaningful opportunities as possible to truly master these fundamental skills.

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