External Support

External Agencies

Here at Riverview we work with a number of different services to ensure that all the children are happy and healthy, both physically and emotionally.

Below are details of the different agencies, which we can refer you to, or seek advice from to support the children.

School Nurses

School Nurses are registered nurses who have completed additional specialist training in school nursing.

Surrey’s School Nursing teams are made up of school nurses, registered nurses, nursery nurses and clinical health assistants. 

The School Nursing team works across Surrey to promote physical health and emotional wellbeing in schools and in the community.

School Nurses support young people by:

  • Being available to young people, parents, carers and teaching staff to address any concerns about a child’s health
  • Providing health advice to help children and young people make the most of their education
  • Completing health reviews with children starting primary and secondary school
  • Supporting young people who have specific medical needs and providing relevant training for staff to help manage these needs
  • Delivering classroom-based health education
  • Supporting immunisation programmes in school
  • Leading community clinics to help children with night-time wetting
  • Working with school-aged children in the community who have been excluded or where families have chosen to educate at home.

If you feel your child would benefit from support from the School Nurse, you can either speak with Hayley, or contact the team directly on 01372 730 040.

Primary Mental Health Worker

The Primary Mental Health Team (PMHT) supports children and young people when they may feel emotionally or mentally unwell by helping them understand their needs and provide support and build resilience.  They can also offer support and advice to the wider network around the young person to enable them to identify any concerns and support any developing mental health needs.  They can work with parents and schools to enable them to nurture children and young people’s emotional health and wellbeing.

The team is made up of people from different professional backgrounds who all have experience of working in children’s mental health. The team includes mental health nurses, school nurses, psychotherapists, counsellors, social workers, art therapists and more.

They support children, young people, parents, carers and other professionals such as teachers to identify and prevent mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

Our Primary Mental Health Worker meets with Hayley every half term to talk through any children who we feel may need extra support.

Ewell Family Centre – Outreach Workers

We are very lucky to share our school site with Ewell Family Centre. Ewell Family Centre provides 1:1 family support for families with children aged 0-11 years, where challenging family circumstances are having a significant impact on the health, development or well-being of the children living in the home. 

Professionals and practitioners working with families, for example GPs, Health Visitors, schools, early years settings and others, will request 1:1 support for the family through the Early Help Hub. The family will then be contacted by the family centre when parents have agreed that they would welcome the extra help. 

Ewell Family Centre has two Outreach Workers - Karen and Joanna, who both have many years of experience working with children and families. They will provide 1:1 support in the family home as well as at local community venues or at the family centre itself, whichever suits the needs of the family at the time.

EWELL FAMILY CENTRE link to website


Around a quarter of a million children and young people are Young Carers.

A young carer is someone under the age of 18 who looks after a family member, friend or sibling who has a physical or mental health condition, or misuses drugs or alcohol.

If you feel your child is a young carer, and would like some additional support, please contact the school office and ask to speak to Hayley.