The Governing Body of Riverview CofE Primary School & Nursery 2023-24

The key roles of the governing body are:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction

  • Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff

  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent

In order to carry out our role efficiently and effectively, the detailed work of the governing body is undertaken by two committees.  In addition to attending full governors’ meetings, all governors sit on at least one of the committees which report back to termly meetings of the full governing body, at which broader issues are also discussed and agreed.

The Learning and Progress Committee

Considers and makes recommendations about all issues associated with the successful organisation of the curriculum, including teaching and learning, monitoring and assessing pupil progress, reporting to parents and examination results. It also includes attendance and performance management.

The Resources Committee

Considers annual review of pay policy, recruitment, other personnel issues and safeguarding arrangements. Considers and makes recommendations about all budgetary issues for the school and the Ewell Family Centre including setting and monitoring the budget.  Also responsible for overseeing the school ‘Governors' Fund’.  Oversees buildings and develops links between the school, parents/carers and the wider community, including our church, our neighbours and statutory authorities.

How to contact us: If you have any feedback you would like to give the governing body, or have any questions regarding the strategic direction of the school, please contact the Chair or Vice Chair of Governors via email: or by telephone 020 8337 1245.

Our Governors are:





Head Teacher - Governor ex officio

Start of Term: 1 Sep 2013
Term of Office: Indefinite

Committee Membership: Learning & Progress Committee; Resources Committee

Special Responsibilities: Head Teacher; Emergency Contact; Key Holder

Interests: None declared

'I am the proud Headteacher of Riverview and have been part of the community for 19 years. I started as a classteacher in Silvers (Year 2) and progressed- Maths Leader, Assistant Headteacher with key stage 2 responsibility and now Headteacher. Why have I been at Riverview for so long? We make a difference.  We are a place of trust and safety for the children and families. The community that we serve diverse and unique and ever changing. It provides some challenges, which provides opportunities to learning something new. I love it here.'

Foundation Diocesan Governor

Start of Term: 1 Sep 2022
End of Term: 31 Aug 2026

Committee Membership: Learning & Progress Committee; Resources Committee; Head Teacher’s Appraisal Panel

Special Responsibilities:  Chair of Governors; Governor responsible for liaison with the LA in the event of allegation; Leadership; Reading; Emergency Contact; Key Holder

Interests: Academy Governor

'I have been a governor at Riverview for over 25 years, first as a Parent Governor when my own children were here, then as a Foundation Governor appointed by the Diocese. In that time there have been many changes including the addition of the Ewell Family Centre and a complete rebuild, but the school has always kept the children and our community at the heart of everything. I am very proud to lead the governing body team at this wonderful school.

Semi-retired now, I previously worked at Heathrow Airport for 40 years. '

Foundation PCC Governor

Start of Term: 6 Oct 2021
End of Term: 5 Oct 2025

Committee Membership: Chair of the Resources Committee; Learning & Progress Committee; Head Teacher’s Appraisal Panel; Pay Committee

Special Responsibilities: Governor responsible for liaison with the LA in the event of allegation; Child Protection against Head Teacher; Safeguarding; Special Education Needs & Disability (SEND); Looked After (LAC)

Interests: Independent Education Consultant

'I have worked in primary education for over 40 years - culminating in 23 years serving as a headteacher in Surrey. Since retirement, I have served as a part-time Diocesan Education Trainer/Consultant and as a tutor in Initial Teacher Training.  This experience in, and passion for education led to my desire to serve as a school Governor. As a committed Christian and long-time leader in my local church I was delighted to be invited to serve as a foundation Governor in this Church of England School which clearly reflects the ethos, values and aims which reflect my own values. '

Foundation Diocesan Governor

Start of Term: 3 May 2021
End of Term: 2 May 2025

Committee Membership: Learning and Progress

Special Responsibilities: Assessment; Maths

Interests: PCC Member of All Saints Church, West Ewell.

'Two of my children were very happy attending Riverview, we really appreciated the supportive Christian ethos of the school and the family atmosphere where the adults knew every child. I bring an analytical and questioning mind to the governor team having spent 35 years in computing and business analysis. I am a Christian and have attended All Saints Church West Ewell, the neighbouring parish, for the last 25 years.'

Staff Governor

Start of Term: 27 Sep 2022
End of Term: 26 Sep 2026

Committee Membership: Resources Committee

Special Responsibilities: Link /Training Governor

Interests: School Business Manager

'I am the School Business Manager and have been employed at Riverview in this role for the past 21 years.  I am responsible for all the financial aspects of the school and HR.  I prepare the school budget and advise the Governing Body in respect of the financial position of the school, Day Care and Family Centre.  I am responsible for HR including staff contracts and payroll.   I was appointed as staff governor in September 2006 and have enjoyed bringing my financial and personnel skills to the Governing Body.  My experience adds to the Governing Body to enable informed decisions to be made to get the very best for the school and the community.'

Foundation Diocesan Governor

Start of Term: 1 Jun 2021
End of Term: 31 May 2025

Committee Membership: Resources Committee

Special Responsibilities: Personal Development and Wellbeing

Interests: FreelyGive Ltd – Shareholder; Grosvenor Britain & Ireland - Employee         

'My husband grew up in Ewell and we have recently bought a flat here and had our first child.  I work in engagement and love seeing the positive outcomes of my decisions and initiatives as well as being good at evaluating ideas, initiatives and programmes. I would seek to be an effective sounding board, both championing and challenging the school programme, and asking the right questions to hold schools to account and also help make them a success.'

PCC Foundation Governor

Start of Term: 31 Jan 2022
End of Term: 30 Jan 2026

Committee Membership: Chair of Learning & Progress Committee

Special Responsibilities: Vice Chair


'My entire career has been spent in education. I have taught Maths at a mixed school in Sutton for three years, a local boys' school for forty years and a girls' school for two years. My interests include playing the piano, walking in London, solving puzzles and watching West Ham!  I have been a churchgoer all my life and firmly believe that Christian values of love, respect and tolerance give youngsters a strong foundation so that they can have the best chance of fulfilling their potential and of becoming well-rounded members of society.'

Parent Governor

Start of Term: 17 Sep 2021
End of Term: 16 Sep 2025

Committee Membership: Learning & Progress Committee

Special Responsibilities: SEND; Safeguarding

Interests: None declared


'I have been a parent at the school for five years now.  I am also a paediatric nurse working shifts at The Royal Marsden Hospital.  I love the school; everyone is so caring loving and supportive.  I would like to help and support the school that look after and guide mine and all the other children at Riverview.  I feel that being a parent governor is a great way to achieve this.'

Parent Governor

Start of Term: 19 Sep 2023

End of Term: 18 Sep 2027

As a parent governor, I am proud of the strong community ethos of the school and how ‘Riverview children’ are respected as individuals and challenged in a way that is appropriate to them.  Being part of such a unique school family is important to me, to keep the school’s distinct culture and values at the heart of all that we do, ensuring families are kept informed and communicated with in a way that suits their own individualities.  Riverview children are encouraged to thrive in a way that is personal to them and bring to the world their own authentic selves. 


Start of Term: 

End of Term:

Special Responsibilities: Sports and Pupil Premium

'I enjoy quizzing, going to the Races, crafting, and am passionate about mental health and wellbeing for young people.  Also, a strong driver in my life is my Faith, which is at the centre of all I do.  Both my girls have been through Riverview and I firmly believe the school has given them good grounding in their academic skills as they progressed on to Secondary School.'

Associate Member

Start of Term: 7 Mar 2016

Committee Membership: Resources Committee (Voting rights)

Special Responsibilities: Ewell Family Centre Manager



Foundation Governors are appointed by the Diocesan Board of Education (3) and the Parochial Church Council of the Parish of St. Francis of Assisi, Ewell (3).  One additional Foundation Governor is ex-officio.

Parent Governors are elected by other parents at the school.

The Staff Governor is elected by other members of staff at the school.

The Local Authority Governor is nominated by the local authority, appointed by the Governing Body.

The Head Teacher is a Governor ex-officio.

Associate Members do not have voting rights on the full governing body, but may vote in committees.

Additional Information.

The Head Teacher is an ex-officio member of the Learning & Progress and Resources committees.

The Clerk to the Governing Body is: Hannah Gilford

The 2023-24 Governing Body meetings will be held on the following dates:

  • Monday 18th September 2023 (Setting Committees)
  • Monday 13th November 2023 (Autumn FGB)
  • Monday 4th March 2024 (Spring FGB)
  • Monday 1st July 2024 (Summer FGB)

All meetings start at 5.00pm in the school.  Anyone wishing to attend must give two weeks' notice to the school office (

Our meeting minutes

Previous minutes are available upon request from the School Office.