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This year we are reviewing our school curriculum where the children select their own topics.  If you would like further information please make an appointment to see your class teacher.

SUMMER 1 2023



Diamonds (Reception)

Planting & growing

Rubies (Year 1) How did explorers change the world?
  History Geography
Silvers (Year 2)

The Stone Age (How do we know about the Stone Age?)

Climate Zones
Sapphires (Year 3) The Ancient Greeks Volcanoes
Emeralds (Year 4)

Arabia and early Islam

Opals (Year 5) Changing rulers, changing worlds  The Amazon
Gold (Year 6) What connected London with the rest of the world in the 18th & 19th century?  

SPRING 2 2023



Pearls (Nursery) Pancake Day and Easter
Diamonds (Reception)

How winter changes into Spring - 0serving tadpoles change into frogs and planting and observing seeds growing. 

  History Geography
Rubies (Year 1) How has migration changed Britain? How is the Hogsmill connected to other places?
Silvers (Year 2)

How has migration changed Britain?

How is the River Thames used by people?
Sapphires (Year 3) Persia & Greece Agriculture
Emeralds (Year 4)

Christianity in three empires

Opals (Year 5) Norse culture North and South America
Gold (Year 6) How did London change during the 17th century? What is a preferable future for Jamaica's tourist industry?

SPRING 1 2023



Diamonds (Reception)

Animals that live in the Arctic and Antarctic

Taking part in the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch

Rubies (Year 1) What changes have there been in Ruxley Lane
  History Geography
Silvers (Year 2) The Great Fire of London Continents
Sapphires (Year 3) The Indus Valley Civilization Settlements
Emeralds (Year 4) Roman Britain Coastal processes and landforms
Opals (Year 5) Vikings Migration
Gold (Year 6) How do historians continue to build knowledge about Benin? How much did Birmingham change between 1750 and the present day

AUTUMN 2 2022



Diamonds (Reception) Seasonal changes (Autumn into Winter)
Rubies (Year 1) Where in the world does Santa live
Silvers (Year 2) Why do we commemorate
  History Geography
Sapphires (Year 3) Cradles of civilisation Mountains
Emeralds (Year 4) Roman Empire Population
Opals (Year 5) Anglo Saxons Oceans
Gold (Year 6) Tudor Londoners Ethiopia

AUTUMN 1 2022



Diamonds (Reception) People who help us
Rubies (Year 1) Where is the bear
Silvers (Year 2) History of Transport
  History Geography
Sapphires (Year 3) Ancient Egypt Rivers
Emeralds (Year 4) That was the Romans Rivers
Opals (Year 5) Round City of Baghdad Droughts
Gold (Year 6) Medieval London Environment and Climate Change