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This year we are reviewing our school curriculum where the children select their own topics.  If you would like further information please make an appointment to see your class teacher.

AUTUMN 1 2021



Rubies (Year 1) In the woods
Silvers (Year 2) Transport
Sapphires (Year 3) Stone Age - Trip to Butser Farm
Emeralds (Year 4) Water - Trip to Bough Beech
Opals (Year 5) Chocolate - Trip to Chocolate Museum
Gold (Year 6) Around the World


AUTUMN 2 2021



Rubies (Year 1)  
Silvers (Year 2) Events in History and The Nativity
Sapphires (Year 3) How can we save our oceans?
Emeralds (Year 4) The Invaders and Settlers
Opals (Year 5) Space
Gold (Year 6) WW2 - How has WW2 shaped our world?