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Riverview CofE Primary & Nursery School

Riverview exists to cherish, challenge and inspire adults and children within a Christian community

Learning Links/Topics

Children’s Resources – There are a collection of useful websites linked to each curriculum area which can provide support for children’s homework or support them with their learning.

Reading at Riverview - Information on Reading at Riverview.

Support for Parents – There are a collection of resources and websites which will help parents support their children with their learning.

Emerald Class Parents - Please see the powerpoint that your children will be watching with the School Nurse on Healthy Relationships at the bottom of this page.


2017/2018 Curriculum Maps

Please click on the documents at the bottom of the page to see what your child will be learning and when.


This year we are reviewing our school curriculum where the children select their own topics.  If you would like further information please make an appointment to see your class teacher.

AUTUMN 1 2018



Pearls (Nursery) Autumn
Diamonds (Reception) Dinosaurs
Rubies (Year 1) Into the Woods
Silvers (Year 2) The Circus
Sapphires (Year 3) Nocturnal Animals
Emeralds (Year 4) Water / Harvest
Opals (Year 5) Ancient Greece
Gold (Year 6) World War 2

AUTUMN 2 2018



Pearls (Nursery) Autumn / Christmas
Diamonds (Reception) Autumn / Christmas
Rubies (Year 1) Lego
Silvers (Year 2) Nativity
Sapphires (Year 3) Stone Age / Iron Age
Emeralds (Year 4) Smiggle
Opals (Year 5)  
Gold (Year 6) The Maya Civilisation

SPRING 1 2019



Pearls (Nursery) Winter
Diamonds (Reception) Winter
Rubies (Year 1) Pirates
Silvers (Year 2) Transport
Sapphires (Year 3) Romans
Emeralds (Year 4) Invaders
Opals (Year 5) Ancient Greece
Gold (Year 6) Earthquakes / Volcanoes

SPRING 2 2019



Pearls (Nursery) Spring / Growing
Diamonds (Reception) Spring / Growing
Rubies (Year 1) Superheroes
Silvers (Year 2)  
Sapphires (Year 3) Inventors/Inventions
Emeralds (Year 4) Epsom Downs
Opals (Year 5) Midsummer Night's Dream
Gold (Year 6) Revision