Prayer Space

March 2023

Easter Prayer Space

On Monday, the children visited our outdoor Easter Prayer Space and took part in different activities linked to the Easter story. They reflected on forgiveness and thought about how to help others.



December 2022

Christmas Prayer Space

We used parts of the nativity to help us reflect on giving thanks and asking for guidance. We had the opportunity to work together as a school community to celebrate and show our values at this time of year.


September 2022


On Monday, children visited our New Beginnings Prayer Spaces to reflect on their year ahead at Riverview. They worked together to create a collage to remind them of their differences and specialness, went on ‘Wow’ walks to appreciate what makes our school amazing and thought about their hopes – big and small. At the end, we took the opportunity to share our thoughts about the Queen and what was WOW about her.

December 2021


Our Christmas prayer space activities based on the nativity, helped children to reflect on joy, blessings and creation. They thought carefully about which present they could give someone that cost nothing; celebrating the work and support of adults at Riverview; reflecting on thoughts and memories of Christmas and creating new ones.


Prayer Spaces Day - Wednesday 8th September 2021

To begin our new school year, we set up prayer spaces linked to the themes of worry, hope and  challenge. Children from each class visited them throughout the day and took part in different activities which gave them the opportunity to discuss and reflect  on their worries , hopes and the challenges ahead as well as who or what could help them.

Rope Knots - Worries

Prayer Wall – hopes and prayers



Challenge bracelets