Sapphire Class

Hello Sapphire Class. I hope you are all keeping safe at home. The following are websites and information to help you with learning at home:

Below are some extra resources you may find useful to download and use if you would like:

  • Year 3 Maths mats
  • Year 3 SPAG mats (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar)
  • Statutory Spelling activity mats
  • Home learning Timetable example 1 - This is a more structured timetable which can be adapted/changed to suit you at home but has some ideas about what your child could be learning/doing at home to break up the day.
  • Home Learning Timetable 2 - This is a less structured timetable which can be used or adapted to suit you at home. The idea is that you try to complete different activities each day. Anything you don't do on one day, you could try to do the following day.

Remember Mrs Bashar will be on our school Facebook page at 09:30 (Monday - Friday) to answer any questions and to find out about what you have been learning at home.