School and Home Partnership Agreement

The Parents agreement
I/We will

value our son’s/daughter’s education

encourage them to do their best

make sure they arrive at school on time with all the kit they need

make sure they attend school regularly

provide an explanation if they are absent

let the school know about any problems which may affect their work or behaviour

encourage good behaviour, politeness and respect for other people and their property

support school policies especially on uniform, homework and behaviour

support them with reading and other homework

attend parents’ evenings and discussions about their progress

The Pupil’s agreement
We will try to

be kind and helpful to others

come to school each day on time

do my best with my school work and homework

ask for help when i need it

tell a grown up if i am unhappy or upset

respect other people and their belongings

help look after the school

help look after other children and set a good examples

keep the school rules and my class rules

take part in school activities outside the classroom

take more and more responsibility for myself

The school’s agreement
We will

provide a safe and well ordered environment

respect each child as an individual

ensure that the children are well taught

encourage all children to do their best at all times

encourage children to take care of themselves, others and the environment

encourage children to become independent

promote kindness and good manners

inform parents about what the teachers aim to teach the children

inform parents of their children’s progress regularly

promote the welfare of children and demonstrate a commitment to safeguarding