All of the children came to school dressed up as their favourite book characters. Thank you to our wonderful parents for the fantastic costumes! 
To begin the day, each class joined with another class to share their favourite books, and to read to each other on the bus.  Some younger children had the opportunity to show their blending with the graphemes they have learnt, whereas the older children had the chance to read with expression.

Throughout World Book Day, the children participated in many different activities based around books and stories. From writing their own stories, being book detectives and going on book hunts, to exploring character feelings, actions and thoughts. 

As an exciting way to end World Book Day, we had a visit from Luke Temple, the author of 'Zombie Cows from outer space'. Luke held two inspiring workshops to motivate the children to become anything they want in life even if they find it challenging. All Key Stage 2 children were awarded with a signed copy of his latest book which they are already enjoying sharing with each other.