Weekly Update

19th MAY 2023

Diamond Class

In Diamond Class we are growing sunflowers and learning about how the beans will grow.  First we germinated our beans in bags, then planted them in our outside area.  We gave them plenty of water, and we will keep giving them love and nurturing them over the next few weeks to see how tall they grow.

Ruby Class

In Ruby Class for art we have had a go at painting our class tree using a pallet of yellow, brown and green.  We each created our very own watercolour.

Emerald Class

In Emerald Class for DT we designed our perfect house using sketch up. In French we were learning all about prepositions; on, under and next to in reference to our bedrooms. Madame Price had a French song for us to learn, which helped us to remember. We all love to sing and had lots of fun singing and dancing together.

Opal Class

In Opal Class this week for PE we learnt and practised all about movement, like Milo and Millie.  We worked together in groups expressing many different ways of getting from one point to another. For our Art lesson we ventured outside to the back of the field to sketch our class tree; the Hornbeam.  We then used watercolour to really bring our sketches to life.